Win a cask of Whisky

The Whisky Market is the original cask trading company, founded in 2014 and based near London Bridge, which provides a perfectly straightforward prospect for anyone seeking to buy into Scotch whisky cask investment.

Offering a true treat for whisky lovers and investors alike, potential whisky cask buyers can rest assured that The Whisky Market’s trustworthy offering includes a guaranteed exit strategy plus security and peace of mind.  With first-fill whisky casks stored safely in bonded warehouses, The Whisky Market presents a service that works in three simple steps:

HOLD IT – The Whisky Market designs a bespoke portfolio catering to each client’s specific needs, keeping them updated on the market place because unlike other commercial products, whisky increases in value as it ages

TRADE IT – Once a mutually agreed hold period is up, The Whisky Market can trade a client’s cask commission free (the promised exit strategy guarantee)

BOTTLE IT – The original cask trading company also provides a bottling service for those looking to stimulate their taste buds; this includes bottle selection and personalised label design for any occasion

In summary, The Whisky Market sells casks with a view to buying them back in the future for the company’s own whisky brand ‘The Higginbottom.’

Since the company’s launch in April 2014, The Whisky Market has grown from a modest private client base and now has over £2,000,000.00 of Single Malt Scottish Whisky casks under management.

The decline in global markets and alternatives has forced many people to look elsewhere for value and a tax efficient hold.  This is where The Whisky Market comes in, because many of the company’s clients have liquidated their portfolios in difficult market conditions to make gains through owning whisky casks.

MD at The Whisky market, Leo Scott-Francis, is proud to be at the forefront of this innovative company when it comes to leading cask trade investment.  His aim is to provide interested buyers with an insight into a previously secret world of Malt whisky through luxury Scotch, and by proving that it doesn’t have to be complicated to buy into the world of whisky casks.

Leo Scott-Francis and his team continue to develop the connections necessary to obtain the best single malt whisky in quality casks and to offer them to clients.  From here, Leo leads his dedicated team to tailor an unrivalled service for each and every buyer.  Whisky cask buying remains an exclusive opportunity since The Whisky Market can only take on a small number of clientele due to the limited nature of top quality casks.

As the whisky industry continues to expand, The Whisky Market remains at the forefront of the cask trade. Whilst the number of quality casks available is finite, the company’s willingness to provide an unbeatable service with a unique product is not.

Entry level purchases with The Whisky Market start from £999 (with no upward limit) and the recommended hold period is three years or longer.  Potential buyers are invited to call The Whisky Market team on 020 7199 8387, email or visit the website with enquiries.

Win a cask of Whisky:
The Whisky Market are offering you the chance to win a cask of North British 2010 grain whisky – that’s 190 litres, aged in bourbon cask. The team at The Whisky Market are also on hand to answer any questions you might have about your cask, and investment opportunity, including your options for making the best of the investment into the future. Enter below:


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