MrQuintessential Autumn Winter Collection

George Burns once said that you can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old. This saying rings very true of MrQuintessential. Middle-aged men tend to dress safely and conservatively, not experimenting with colour and detail. So MrQuintessential saw there was a huge market for 30+ men who want to dress fashionably and smart, without having to break the bank at high-end designers or shop safe on the high street.

Introducing the Autumn Winter collection, which fits comfortably into any man’s wardrobe. There are pieces to wear at the weekend with jeans or chinos, pieces that look just as good in the office over a crisp white shirt or pieces that fit neatly under a blazer on a night out.

Mr Quintessential

Mr Quintessential

The collection is about items that fit well and wear well in a range of blues, greys, shades of black and tactile textured knitwear. These are investment pieces with a hint of detail, so they stand out as classic and edgy, bringing compliments and admiring looks. This is just the beginning of the MrQuintessential journey, and knitwear is just the start. With every new stage of life, self-image shifts and so does fashion style. MrQuintessential is not interested in age, you are as old as you feel, not ready just yet to dress like your father did. Now stocked at Fenwicks on Bond Street.

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