CHRISTYS’ LONDON Celebrating 245 years in the business – they must be getting it right!

From the 18th century onwards, Stockport, Cheshire was the epicentre of the hatmaking world and principal amongst them was the factory of Miller Christy, who set up shop in 1773, his operation becoming the largest in the World by 1843, employing 3000 local folk. To celebrate the 245th anniversary, Christys’ are launching a range of accessories, all made in Britain by the best of manufacturers, to reflect the high quality and individuality of the brand. Although their factory has now moved to Oxfordshire, and hatmaking has become part of Cheshire’s history, Stockport Museum is home to a fascinating hoard of hatmaking history, including the Christys’ Collection of headwear and memorabilia.

Although still a much-loved accessory, gone are the days when no man, or woman, would ever leave the house without a hat but Christys’ have, by concentrating on craftsmanship and impeccable quality, pulled off the trick of maintaining their relevance in an ever-evolving market. The classic British ‘Country Look’, as featured in our Sept/Oct 2018 issue, could not be fully achieved without the correct headgear and Christys’ is one of those leading UK brands which thrive in that market, with outlets at stores like Hackett, Harrods and Harvey Nicholls as well as two stand-alone shops in London. Naturally, one of these is in elegant Jermyn Street while the other is close by, in bustling Marylebone.

For generations, Christys’ have dominated the market for stylish, durable and top-quality hats, their red and gold insignia to be found in all the right places and on the right heads! Not only have they supplied all UK police forces, for nearly 150 years, but, from Winston Churchill, and his famous Homburg, through Marlon Brando, portraying Don Corleone in ‘The Godfather’, and Harrison Ford’s heroic Indiana Jones to the Peaky Blinders, in their Baker’s Boy flat caps, the best heads in the world have sported Christys’ hats.

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